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Open Roof

Porsche 911® remastered by Gunther Werks are modern high-performance, bespoke vehicles that pay homage to the analogue drivers’ vehicles of a quarter-century ago.

435<br> hp
335 ft/lb Torque
2,590 <br>lbs
Curb Weight
5.9 <br>lbs
Power to Weight


For Ones That Favor the Open Air

Our existing Coupe restorations provide an exceptional analogue driving experience on any road or track, so to heighten the experience even further, Gunther Werks developed a new open-air model.

Taking styling cues from the legendary Speedsters of the past, we developed our own Speedster. With its shortened windscreen and lack of side windows the open-air experience has been cranked up to maximum. With no roof, the soundtrack of the glorious 4.0L flat six can now be heard in full, this adds another dimension to the whole driving experience. Couple all of this to the rush of wind through your hair, and you feel even more connected to the road in a way no other car can. This is analogue in its purest form.

Having no roof does not compromise stiffness, using modern techniques we have made the Speedster twice as stiff as a standard coupe with no weight penalty, to allow us to build a stronger, lighter, and hence faster car. This then allows us to push the boundaries of performance meaning this car is as good at mixing it with some of the best cars on the track as it is for going to your local cars and coffee meet.

The new speedster restoration by Gunther Werks includes several performance upgrades which include remapped engine tuning to give a modest horsepower and torque increase.

Limited to 25 Examples.

As Gunther Werks' production of coupe commissions was limited to 25 examples, so too Speedster commissions will be limited to only 25 unique examples. Production of the vehicle has now started, as production of 25 Coupe commission productions has just concluded.

Limited to 25 Examples.

As Gunther Werks' restorations of coupe’s was limited to 25 examples, so too Speedster restorations will be limited to only 25 unique examples. Production of the vehicle has now started, as production of 25 Coupe restorations has just concluded.


The core of the restoration starts by taking a convertible as a base, revising the chassis to accommodate the extra performance, has been substantial. Gunther Werks has taken substantial steps to avoid the common side effects of eliminating the roof, which typically reduces torsional rigidity. Stiffening the chassis starts with the same reinforcement our coupes undergo, but then additional work has been extensively undertaken. By employing advanced reinforcement in the space where the coupe's rear seat compartment was previously located, integrating a new roll cage and roll hoop system not only improves occupant safety, but also contributes to chassis stiffness.


Our 4.0-liter has been meticulously developed by Rothsport from Oregon to our specifications, to create the ultimate naturally aspirated flat-six. The original crank case is starting point for all of our engines, from there the Mahle pistons to the twin map Motec Engine management, coil over plug ignition, individual throttle bodies, billet crankshaft, rods & barrels, no moving part of the engine is left untouched.

The net result is: a 7800 rpm redline, 330lbs feet of torque, and 430+ horsepower.


The original Getrag G50 is retained but rebuilt with completely bespoke custom ratios offering a superior balance between performance, refinement & touring. The shift linkage is upgraded, a single mass mid-weight flywheel and uprated single-plate clutch are installed, as is a new lower ratio limited slip differential featuring carbon clutches.

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