A Legend Reborn.

Gunther Werks 400R

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The 400R is a modern and respectful of Porsche 993's iconic heritage - a high-performance, bespoke vehicle paying homage to the naturally aspirated Porsches of a quarter-century ago.

Given its air-cooled sound, throttle response, non-electric components and short wheelbase, many Porsche enthusiasts see the 993 as the last "real Porsche" - the pinnacle of the evolution of the original 1964 911 design.

To realize the dream of creating the best 993 ever, Gunther Werks 400R restoration essentially created a motorsport inspired 911 for the 993 chassis. The 400R will appeal to even the most discriminating Porsche aficionado.

The 400R is a highly customized car that is lightweight, stronger and more rigid than the original. Like an Olympian in training, the 400R sheds weight and gains strength with carbon-fiber composite body panels, deck lid, spoiler, roof and more.

The carbon fiber bodywork is vacuum bagged and baked in a pressurized autoclave set to 250+ degrees.

In the cockpit, Gunther Werks balances the spartan interior of the 911 with the more luxurious cabin elements of the 993. It embraces the DNA of the original design while respectfully remastering it. Carbon fiber bucket seats, floor panels and rear-seat deletes are integral to the transformation. Clients control the customization of the interior with Alcantara, carbon fiber and billet aluminum accents.

The 400R is truly a bespoke vehicle with both the silhouette and soul of the classic 993. Only a fortunate few are destined to own the limited-edition 400R.



    Only 25 discerning individuals will ever own a 400R. As such, your 400R will be entirely one of a kind. You select your vehicle interior's materials, accent colors, and finishes. We then create an interior that bridges the gap between modern and classic design. When your 400R is ready, luxuriate in the natural grain leather, artfully engineered gauges, and modern multimedia technology. Attention to detail is the benchmark of our coach-built interiors. Once you have specified your 400R, you will be safe in the knowledge that there will never be another like yours.
    Our 4.0-liter has been meticulously developed by Rothsport from Oregon, to create the ultimate classically aspirated flat-six. From Mahle pistons to twin spark Motec Engine management, coil over plug ignition, individual throttle bodies, billet crankshaft, rods & barrels, no part of the engine is left untouched.

    Each is blueprinted, balanced and hand-built before its dyno test where — like every 400R — its power & torque are verified.

    The target: a 7800 rpm redline, 330lb feet of torque, and 400+ horsepower.

    Gunther Werks 400R transmissions are comprehensively stripped and rebuilt to exacting tolerances with brand-new components. The 993’s original Getrag G50 is reborn with completely bespoke custom ratios offering a superior balance between performance, refinement & touring.

    The shift linkage is upgraded, a single mass mid-weight flywheel and uprated single-plate clutch are installed, as is a new differential featuring carbon clutches.

    Lightweight equal length stainless steel headers work flawlessly with the uprated 4.0-liter engine, offering both a broad torque spread & top-end power while enhancing throttle response. The 997 GT3‘s stainless steel rear silencer is topped off with Gunther Werks’ bespoke tips.

    A switchable exhaust is available, using an upgraded Motec 600 ECU and electrically operated exhaust flaps, resulting in more power and an even more aggressive exhaust note. A lightweight titanium version is also available as an option.

    All the greatest Porsche race cars ran a square track where the front and rear tracks were the same width. This helped eliminate the inherent understeer the road cars had.

    In developing the 400R form followed function, hence the extra width required front & rear. The result a completely square track at 63" both at the front & Rear for the ultimate handling experience.

    Utilizing Porsche’s existing additional suspension points, the front is widened 30mm just like all the iconic 993 race cars. The standard suspension features adjustable KW Clubsport coil-over spring/damper units including a Hydraulic Lift System, allowing the front to be lifted over obstacles. The aluminum wishbones are retained, and all bushings, drop-links & sway bars are uprated.

    Lightweight RS Spec EVO uprights are used to increase precision and reduce unsprung weight. Geometry settings are modified to exploit the car’s extra width, providing a firm but comfortable ride, with unsurpassed handling at all speeds.